Home Style Indian Cooking!

Our History and Heritage


Sakunthala’s Group started off as a simple and humble food stall in Dickson Food Garden along Dickson Road by four siblings in 1997.

That was the stepping stone to what has become an indomitable fortress in the Indian Fine Dining, Gourmet Catering and F&B Industry in Singapore. The Group now holds Five Full-fledged Restaurants and a Centralized Kitchen equipped with State-of-the-Art machinery and methodology. The Central Kitchen serves as the Procurement & Food Manufacturing Hub ensuring the consistency & highest quality of food served, while the Restaurants spread across Singapore provide Island-Wide Delivery & Catering Services. With the core motto of serving the best quality of Home-Style Indian Food, Sakunthala’s Group has been serving Singapore with Passion, Pride & Purpose for over 23 years now!


Company Information

Sakunthala’s Group is the vision and result of many years of effort of four siblings who are also the Founding Members and the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

Currently, the Board presides a total of Six companies including 5 Restaurant Outlets and Food Manufacturing Hub – Sakunthala’s Central Kitchen. The Group is also looking to expand its business by adding more Restaurant Outlets & Franchises both in Singapore & Overseas.

Helming from front of the business is the Chairperson of Board of Directors & CEO Mr. Mathavan. He has been leading and directing the group with the formidable support from his sibling directors

The entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Mathavan and his siblings has vastly shaped the company especially in its formative years. The growth of Sakunthala’s Group is largely attributed to finding inspiration from each other and working together in building a successful and sustainable model while keeping the people at the core of everything.


Organization Structure




Sakunthala’s Group takes great pride in carefully handpicking and choosing the right kind of ingredients for our dishes. Procurement practices are closely monitored and we have a great long-term partnership with all our vendors. We ensure that all our raw material including meat and other stocks are purchased from suppliers who follow high standards of ethical production, strictest halal certification and endorsements.


Central Kitchen

Located at the Northern part of Singapore, Sakunthala’s Central Kitchen houses 5 individual kitchens with total Kitchen floor area of more than 10000 sqft. Each of the individual kitchens is fitted with High-Tech Modern Equipment enabling a fast and efficient production & delivery service while ensuring high standards of quality and safety. The kitchens are separated for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food preparation and have a combined delivery capacity of up to 20,000 meals daily .

Our custom-built walk-in freezers and chillers operate round the clock to support stocking and refrigeration needs for our local production and consumption, while providing extended shelf-life for our pre-packed and frozen food products for our export markets.


Customer Service

The pivotal pillar and the cornerstone of our success relies heavily on our understanding of the needs and wants of our customers. We wish to stand anchored and committed to excellence in meeting our customer’s expectations.

Sakunthala’s Group provides a range of services including:

  1. Dine-In & Take-Away
  2. Island-Wide Home Delivery
  3. Catering Packages
  4. Corporate/Bento-Box Meals


Ethics and Compliance

The Board takes serious and personal view and interest to ensure that the highest standards of respect for individual is upheld and the Group as a whole is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. The company has embarked on a journey towards excellence guided by a set of strictest guidelines covering food safety, hygiene, environment and resource management.


Diversity and Inclusion

The Group is always working to hire veterans, senior citizens, captains of industry, students and under-privileged members of community in Singapore to show a united and committed front in the nation building process, evidenced by our active participation in trade, tourism and tripartite initiatives driven by Government Agencies.


Investor Relations

Sakunthala’s Group is all set to further expand its business both in Singapore and Overseas. With the everchanging business landscape in Asia, Sakunthala’s Group is keen to expand its business by adding more outlets, franchises or other business partnerships.

The Group welcomes and values professional, like-minded individuals and businesses to form opinion groups and transform as business knowledge think tanks, offering opportunities for young and budding entrepreneurs to take up franchising and associate partnerships with us, in the aim of striving for long term success and mutual benefits. Domestic and International entrepreneurs are encouraged to come on board as our channel partners and distributors of selected products of the Group.

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