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Our humble beginnings dates back to 1997 when we moved from Dickson Food Garden to Dunlop Outlet with a full range of speciality dishes on our menu.

151 Dunlop Street is an Iconic location for many locals and stands proudly today as a testament to the legacy that Sakunthala’s Restaurant has upheld for over 23 years now . During the early years from 1997-2000 is when Sakunthala’s became the first Indian Restaurant to secure HALAL certification from MUIS and expand our menu to include a range of Signature dishes to cater to a multi-cultural customer base. Our patrons today include locals from all communities as well as expats & tourists who enjoy the great variety of dishes, authentic & hygienic food at affordable prices.

Maximum seating capacity – Up to 120 pax

151, Dunlop Street, Singapore 209466

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM (daily)

Tel: +65-6293-4431
Whatsapp: +65-9674-9082

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+65 6293 4431

151, Dunlop Street,
Singapore 209466

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